Pest Control Rat Traps (Set of 6) by Kat Sense | Humane Rat Trap for 100% Kill Results | Safe & Sanitary Rodent Killer with Bait Cup | Effective Anti-Rodent Infestation Solution | Reusable & Mess Free

Clear Your Living Quarters of Dangerous, Disease Carrying Rats, Mice and Larger Rodents with the #1 Rat Killer Trap by Kat Sense!

Tired of messy, glue mouse boards and ineffective ultrasonic rat traps that only seem to teach the mice and rats how to escape them?

Are you looking for an efficient, easy to use RAT trap that can guarantee you a 100% kill rate, every time?

Then look no further than this set of high precision rat & mouse killer traps by Kat Sense!

Powerful and extremely effective, this set of 6 rat traps offer the best solution for easy and mess-free anti-rodent protection and mice extermination with guaranteed, 100% kill results.

Sturdy construction
High precision trigger mechanism
Removable bait cup
Stainless steel spring that snaps close with 35% more force
Washable and reusable
Touch free release
Easy to Use in Three Simple Steps

Forget about your old, wooden mouse traps that are difficult to set. These efficient pest control traps are super easy to set and use. All you have to do is:

1. Rotate the special, removable bait cup 90 degrees to take it out and add the bait. Insert back again and lock by rotating again
2. Place the mouse trap in your area of choice and
3. Open the trap with a simple push for a touch-free rodent release, directly over your garbage bin

Fast and Painless

Kat Sense rat traps are designed to kill the mice & rats quickly and with as little pain as possible, offering a humane solution to fight infestation.

Backed by a full money back guarantee of complete satisfaction, you have nothing to lose!

What are you waiting for?

Order Your Set of 6 Rat Traps Today and Free Your Home from Uninvited Rodent Guests!

Click “Add to Cart” Now, before you get an infestation!

3 thoughts on “Pest Control Rat Traps (Set of 6) by Kat Sense | Humane Rat Trap for 100% Kill Results | Safe & Sanitary Rodent Killer with Bait Cup | Effective Anti-Rodent Infestation Solution | Reusable & Mess Free”

  1. Caught but not killed, brutal experience, too small for medium sized rat. Oh god, just a brutal experience, but it did catch a rat. I was trying to live trap the rat in my ‘crawlspace’ and realized that’s not realistic and accepted I’d have to move on to lethal measures. These guys are much smaller than the Victor old school traps, or the Tomcat traps of the same style. Unfortunately, this functioned as an absolutely brutal live trap for me. I found the poor fella freaking out with his head caught, dragging the trap around (he was a rat as opposed to a mouse, but not…

  2. Great Product, I tell all my friends about it Great Product, I tell all my friends about it. When I was in Home Depot the other day, a guy was looking for rat traps and I told him about your product and told him how good it worked for me catching a RAT. He said he was going to buy some. IF I ever need more, I will definatelybuy your product again. My first order was missing three pieces (the part that comes off the bottom to fill the food/peanut butter with), but you guys sent me another set so very happy.

  3. They work! These traps work. I set them up a few days ago and already caught a few rodents. I recently purchased a house that had a mouse and chipmunk problem. I purchased some enclosed mouse traps from lowes and some worked but only for mice as the chipmunks chewed the things to pieces. I then tried glue traps but once they were flipped over and got dirt on the glue they were useless. I then turned to Amazon and found these which are much easier to set up than the old fashioned trap and seem stronger.

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