Breaking Bed Bugs: How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs without Losing Your Mind, Money & Dignity

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If you’ve arrived here, you probably know—or suspect—you have a bed bug problem. If that’s the case, don’t lose heart. There is hope. I can show you how to get rid of bed bugs without losing your mind, money or dignity.

The truth is that bed bugs are not caused by poor sanitation, and they have nothing whatsoever to do with social or economic status. They are cunning hitchhikers, and anyone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time is susceptible to an infestation. They can thrive in the finest five-star hotels, well run hospitals, and million-dollar homes.

I know firsthand the devastation bed bugs can have on your physical and emotional well-being. You can read all about my personal struggle with bed bugs right inside this book.

After I won the battle in my own home, I used my knowledge and experience to teach thousands of other families how to get rid of bed bugs in their homes. I am here to tell you that you, too, can get rid of them yourself—quickly, safely, and inexpensively.

I will share with you in this book everything I wished someone had shared with me. I will give you advanced techniques your exterminator doesn’t even know about. I’ll cover all the details the websites and videos you’ll find on the internet leave out. I will spare you the weeks of trial and error that I went through during my first battle with bed bugs. Then I’ll teach you, step-by-step, everything I have learned studying bed bugs and fighting infestations for the past 5 years. This book will provide you with everything you’ll need to get rid of bed bugs as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

You stand at a turning point. Half measures will avail you nothing when it comes to these devastating creatures. The step-by-step methods I’ll describe for you have been tested and proven. To ensure they work you will need to take action, following the instructions precisely. If you have the courage and resolve, this book will provide you with a proven, step-by-step course of action to get rid of bed bugs once and for all.

-Chipp Marshal

“I was delighted to hear that Mr. Marshal was publishing his methods on how to get rid of bed bugs. As a real estate agent and property manager, I see bed bug infestations more frequently with each passing year. Many of the affected families cannot afford to hire an exterminator. Parents are helpless and their children suffer. For some, there is no escape from this epidemic and it is absolutely heartbreaking to watch. This book is being published by the right person at the right time. It is reassuring to know that his methods will now be available to millions of people around the world.” -Christina Murray

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Breaking Bed Bugs: How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs without Losing Your Mind, Money & Dignity